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Gino’s Italian Cuisine
123 E Washington, Kearney, MO | At Home in the Northland

Dec/Jan 2009/2010

Dec/Jan 2009/2010

George Disciacca doesn’t have to sing for his diner. But he will sing for yours–even if you didn’t ask.

On a recent Saturday night, the self-described front man, face and voice of Gino’s Italian Cuisine in Kearney, was stuck with kitchen duty. His wife Julie–he calls her the real boss of the popular, family friendly restaurant at 123 E. Washington – had the night off and it was his turn to oversee food preparation.

But no more inconvenience like scheduling can control gregarious George. During a lull in the action, he burst through the swinging kitchen doors in full voice.

“Lovin’ you …” he croons, taking a cue from the background music that provides dinner atmosphere and serves as George’s karaoke soundtrack. If it wasn’t for my singing, I probably wouldn’t have a job,” he announces without being asked.♥

writer:  David Knopf
photo:  Landon Collis